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Swarm/Bee Removal, Hive relocation

We remove swarms and more established colonies and relocate them to a new home.



We come to schools for incursions, will hold bee talks at functions and clubs, and give beekeeping for beginners courses.

For more information about incursions refer to education section, for more information about beekeeping refer to the course section.


Please visit our online shop where you can buy a range of things such as honey, wax and other bee-related products or make a booking.

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Mentoring/Hive maintenance

You might have done a beekeeping course yet would like some more help? or you have acquired bees and are not sure what to do next? A mentoring session is a great way to gain more confidence and learn hands-on skills. These sessions go for an hour.
Do you have a hive that needs looking after? We will come to do the maintenance for you. For more information, contact Xandra

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Hive adoption program

The hive adoption program is great for beginner beekeepers/ people who would like to have their own hive in their back garden. You will start with a nucleus of bees and learn with an experienced beekeeper how to take care of a hive throughout the different seasons. Generally a 12 month program, with monthly mentoring sessions. Coming to the beekeeping course for beginners is a great way to start your journey.


Sponsorship program

If you would like bees in your back garden, yet do not want to/ can't look after them? Now you can with our sponsorship program. We will come and place a hive in your garden (checking for suitability of the garden first) and do all the work. You will receive 4 kilo's of honey when you sign up for 12 months. This is a great way of doing your bit to look after our eco-system.

Can't have bees but like to support local bee populations? We have hives on rooftops in the city that need your support. Funds will help maintain these hives (hive repair, hive ware replacement, taking care of the bees). In return you will receive pressed, raw honey to enjoy. Different sponsorships are available, check shop section.

Pollination services

Small scale pollination service available at the start of spring. Great for pollination of your fruit trees.

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Native bee/insect hotel workshop

Native bees are responsible for pollinating most native plants, which cannot be pollinated by introduced bees. They are also used for crop pollination. Native bees are in decline due to pesticide use, disease and habitat loss. 
Learn about the native bees in South Australia and how you can help them in your own garden/on the balcony while making a native bee/insect hotel to take home.

Services: Projects
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