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School incursions

Learning about bees and their importance for our environment in a fun, interactive way? Based on the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum, these incursions are perfect for preschool/kindergarten right through to the end of primary school. We can run a set program or work with you and make the incursion more inquiry-based. For the middle and upper primary years we have an incursion where we discuss native- and honey bees, their similarities and differences, and how they each have an important role in our ecosystem. A special (locked) hive for viewing bees is brought along for the students to see a live working hive, and children will have the opportunity to try on beekeeping clothes and of course, taste some fresh honey!

For questions and/or quotes please contact  Xandra 

Session length depends on age group, average 60 minutes 

Prices start from $ 175.-

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